• CE standard EN 50525-2-21 50mm2 copper cable price size
CE standard EN 50525-2-21 50mm2 copper cable price size

CE standard EN 50525-2-21 50mm2 copper cable price size

  • Product description: CE standard EN 50525-2-21 50mm2 copper cable price size

Product name
50mm2 copper cable 
multi strand of copper wire class 5
Flame resistance CPE
Rate voltage
Working temperature

50mm2 copper cable for single core cable structure, generally for copper wire of copper wire group, multiple sets of copper wire conductor part of the set of the electric welding machine cable, so YH cable body is thick, copper wire hundreds of root.
The surrounding copper wire is surrounded by a heat-resistant polyester film insulation.
The insulation layer is generally pure natural rubber and copper wire is free of oxygen, so that the good conductivity of the core and the safety of the cable can be guaranteed.


50mm2 copper cable for AC rated voltage of 450 / 750V and the following household appliances, electric tools, mobile electrical equipment and electric welding machine and welding connecting line.
It is widely used in the electric, electrical, electrical and other electrical equipment of the mobile power supply cord, can be used for indoor or outdoor environment. According to the rubber sheathed cable can bear external mechanical forces, the product structure can be divided into light, medium and heavy three types, under normal circumstances: light rubber sheathed cables of home appliances, small electric equipment, soft, light weight, good bending performance; medium-sized cabtyre cable industry should be in addition to the use of agricultural electrification, heavy cable applications, for example, port machinery, searchlights, property of the large hydraulic pumping station occasions. 

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